Custom Designed For You!

The America’s Value Card provides an easy, no risk fundraiser for your organization. Your America’s Value Card will be customized both front and back and provide your organization with a professionally designed card front, preferred merchant card back with a no risk, no upfront cost way for your organization to maximize your fundraising dollars. Your America’s Value Card can sell for $10 and your organization would earn at least a 55% profit on each card sold, or the card may sell for $20 and your organization would earn at least a 75% profit on each card sold. This means, that if your organization sold 600, $20 customized America’s Value Cards, your organization would profit $9,000.00 with absolutely no risk or upfront costs.

The only thing we ask is that you sell a minimum of 300 cards. In addition to the fantastic percentages your organization will earn on each card sold, we offer a very aggressive incentive program for your participants including free cards, IPod give a ways and of course everyone’s favorite, cash rewards for hitting sales goals. Please contact us for specifics.


– Free $100 gift card to all programs that sign a Fundraising Agreement before the end of 2013. In addition, we will beat any price you are currently receiving (certain restrictions apply).

– We currently offer customized cell phone cases that relate to your specific organization or high school. Our graphics team will take your group’s logo and create 3-5 sample designs to utilize on your pre-order form. Contact us at 800-239-9954 for details.

How it Works

 Title image The first step in putting together your America’s Value Card is selecting the merchants you prefer. This can be done a few ways.  You take the time to prepare a list of 20-25 merchants, we can prepare your list or we can join together to come up with the most comprehensive merchant list to assure your America’s Value Card contains the merchants you truly want and need to make your fundraising event a success.
 Title image The second step is for our graphics team to prepare a unique design for the front of your America’s Value Card.  Our graphics team can utilize your team’s logo, a team picture, an action picture, a team schedule or a combination of any of these.
 Title image The third step is for your organization to sell your customized America’s Value Card.  The cards will be delivered free of  charge wherever and whenever you chose, taking into account that each  order takes 3-4 weeks to complete start to finish.